Bad Security Questions

I needed to login to my airline account. Apparently, disabling cookies on your browser necessitates answering security questions. The security questions I had set were horrible and I ended up locking myself out of the account because I answered some wrong. I had to reset the account details through email.

I realized why the questions I had set up were terrible. Most of the options were really poor. For example:

Any question of the form “what’s your favorite” is automatically awful. Most people cannot answer singularly or consistently to these types of preferences. Other questions, like the name of your pet, are just poorly thought out. Many people either: don’t have a pet or have more than one.

I understand the need for strong, difficult to guess security questions. We learned this much from the Sarah Palin email hack of 2008. But, security questions are absolutely useless if it’s difficult to rememeber your answers.